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We do not offer payment for non-fiction material at this time. If you wish to write reviews, conduct interviews or submit articles for publication please email us at editor.zombiecat.tsp @

Fiction Submissions

Many great stories fail to reach their maximum potential audience, for a number of reasons. One is that many ezines that have published works of fiction fold and are no longer accessible. Another is that stories in print anthologies may go out of print.

The goal of Zombie Cat is to give works of a fiction a second (or third) publication life. We want to make things that aren’t available (or aren’t easily accessible) available again. We are specifically looking for works of fiction that have been previously published that are either limited to a print/ebook audience or were on a site that no longer exists.

What interests us? Great stories with compelling characters. One of my all-time favorite stories that we ever published at Spinetingler remains My Name is Priscilla by W.D. County. What catches my attention is having a consistent voice from the protagonist, a clear point of view with a unique premise and a distinct character that’s original.

Although these are republications we will not necessarily accept all stories submitted and we may require edits prior to publication. Our primary goal is to provide homes for stories that aren’t currently accessible on an official site online. We also do not plan to publish works that are currently published on the author’s website.

We are now open for reprint submissions. Please follow the guidelines listed here to submit your story.

Submission Guidelines:
Generally speaking, we follow the William Shunn guidelines.

Please do not manually tab space-space-space-space-space to indent the first line of a paragraph 0.5″.

Submission Process:
Copy this form and complete it in the body of your email.

1. Author’s name: _____________________________________________

2. Email address: _____________________________________________
3. Paypal address: ____________________________________________
4. Where was this story originally published? _________________________

5. When was this story originally published? ___________________________

6: Is this story currently accessible anywhere online other than the wayback machine or a similar web archive: __________________ If so, where? _______(insert link)_________________

7. 50-100 word Bio written in third person.

8. Optional: Attach an author photo or book cover image that you have the right to make available for reproduction in print or online. By attaching the photo you assert you have that right.

9. Complete Release for Reprints: I, Insert AUTHOR NAME here, certify that I am the writer/artist of the work being submitted to Zombie Cat. This story, insert STORY NAME here, has been published previously by Insert Publication Name here in Insert Month/Year here. I agree that Zombie Cat may archive this work after initial publication. I retain copyright and all rights to my work except First WORLDWIDE Reprint Rights and this work, if accepted and published, may not appear in any other publication for 10 months following its release by Zombie Cat without written consent from the editor. If my work should appear in another publication after that time has elapsed, it will be noted that it previously appeared in Zombie Cat. I understand there is no standard payment offered for reprints.
**Insert requested information throughout.

10. Attach your story as a .doc or .docx or .rtf file. If those file options are not available to you then you may include your story in the body of the email. In this case, please do not indent the first line of paragraphs but use an extra blank line between paragraphs.
11. Email the form and story and optional material to editor.zombiecat.tsp @ with the word ‘Submission’ followed by the name of your story in the subject line. (Example: Submission: Some Stinking Story)

Please do not send more than one submission per email.

Submissions that do not include the full form with the completed release may not be read or considered.

Submission Process:
1. Unless you receive an automated reply telling you otherwise, you should receive an email confirming your submission was received and was complete within 2 weeks. Automated replies may be used during staff vacations or heavy submission volume times. If you have not received an email then check your spam folder.
2. The current goal is to tell you within 45 days whether your story will be republished at Zombie Cat.
3. Please do not email with questions about your submission’s status until 55 days have elapsed starting the day after you submitted your work.


There is no payment for reprints at this time. We hope to be able to offer nominal payments in the future.

We pay by PayPal only. There are no exceptions.